The Gleam Project makes available to the general public several different modeling tools. The use of each one of them depends on the skills of the user and the audience the results will be presented. At the core, each one of these tools shares the same backbone infrastructure, differentiating among themselves by the different level and details of the output.

We are constantly working on the different aspects of GLEAM, updating the databases and improving the algorithms, to provide state of the art computational epidemic modeling, shortening the gap between reality and models.


A publicly available software to explore realistic epidemic spreading scenarios at the global scale.

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GLEAMviz Pro

A version of GLEAMviz software for users that are experts in the field.

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A version of GLEAMviz software with agent-based modeling capabilities enabled for certain locations around the world.

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A web application that computes the risk of infectious disease spreading based on topology structure of the airline transportation network.

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A web application that simulates the spreading of an infectious disease on a metapopulation network, allowing to explore the time evolution of the disease.

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