The EpiPop platform is designed to simulate the spreading of an infectious disease on a metapopulation network, allowing to explore the time evolution of the disease.

The platform allows to create a compartmental model describing the contagion process and the disease in a flexible way. The web interface allows the design of the sub-populations network: number of nodes, connections, the population value to each node, and the fluxes of individuals connecting them.

The simulation’s output results can be visualized through dynamic plot charts, representing the number of new and cumulative transitions to the selected compartments. Various options are possible to configure the displayed plots, and multiple time series can be compared at the same time.

Within each subpopulation, the stochastic epidemic dynamics is performed by the computational engine, considering the disease dynamic and the commuting and mobility flows. The computational engine allows for the simulation of various kinds of intervention strategies, like vaccination campaigns, or the distribution of antiviral drugs.

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