The GLEAM Project is the result of many collaborations over the years. Through the different tools we are making available to the general and expert public on this website, we want to bridge the gap between data science, mathematical modeling and computational thinking in a more user-friendly environment. Being ahead of the game when the next pandemic strikes will give us the upper hand.

The GLEAM Project is our contribution.

-The GLEAM team

Research & Development Team

Northeastern University
Boston, MA, USA

Alessandro Vespignani  (project coordinator)

Matteo Chinazzi

Jessica T. Davis

Kunpeng Mu

Ana Pastore y Piontti

Nicole Samay

Xinyue Xiong

ISI Foundation

Turin, Italy

Corrado Gioannini

Maria Litvinova

Paolo Milano

Daniela Paolotti

Marco Quaggiotto

Luca Rossi

Michele Tizzoni

Ivan Vismara

Collaborating Teams


Paris, France

Vittoria Colizza

Chiara Poletto

Bruno Kessler Foundation

Trento, Italy

Marco Ajelli

Giorgio Guzzetta

Stefano Merler

Piero Poletti

Fred Hutch

Seattle, WA, USA

M. Elizabeth Halloran

University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, USA

Natalie Dean

Ira M. Longini, Jr.

Diana Rojas

Former collaborators
Paolo Bajardi
Duygu Balcan
Luca Cappa
Fabio Ciulla
Laura Fumanelli
Marcelo Gomes
Bruno Gonçalves
Hao Hu
Dina Mistry
Delia Mocanu
Nicola Perra
Daniela Perrotta
Jose J. Ramasco
Michele Roncaglione
Mohamed Selim
Kaiyuan Sun
Wouter Van den Broeck
Qian Zhang