New release

GLEAMviz simulator version 7 is out!

October 17, 2019

A new version of the GLEAMviz simulator has been released today: version 7.0 features a major rewriting of all the data handling components, together with some additional functionalities.

The output format for the results generated by the computational engine and managed by the client has been changed to a standard format, the Hierarchical Data Format version 5 (HDF5), developed by the NCSA; this change brings various advantages, in terms of scalability and extension of the output data, performances, and usability. Along with this modification we performed a significant architectural refactoring of all the data manager modules, adjourning the data retrieval process (which is now much faster) and setting the basis for future improvements and extensions in handling the simulations’ output.

The new software application is not compatible with the old custom data format, so we developed a simple conversion tool to allow users adjourn their existing simulations to the new format, and then open them in the Client version 7 for visualizing and analyzing. The conversion tool is distributed together with the GLEAMviz client and is called GLEAMconverter; its usage is straightforward: you just need to select one or more simulations (up to version 6.9) and an output directory.

The newly released Client also introduces a new visualization widget, the X3D Globe, which shows the incidence (new transitions) at the country level by means of 3D choropleth shapes on the Earth globe; the coloring range and other visualization options can be specified by the user.

Finally, version 7.0 also includes various improvements and bug-fixes both client-side and server-side: we do our best to continuously upgrade the GLEAMVIZ simulator!

New release

New GLEAMviz release!

April 15, 2019

We are happy to announce an updated release of our GLEAMviz simulator: version 6.9 is out!

We have been squashing a few little bugs on the client side, added some information about simulations’ execution, and improved the numerical integration of the epidemic dynamic performed by the server.


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New release

Updated release of the GLEAMviz simulator!

September 25, 2017

Dear users, we are glad to announce a new release of our simulator client: version 6.8 includes some important refactoring of the visualization components and bug-fixes, together with a few new powerful features for analyzing the simulations’ output results.

The updated map widget allows to select an arbitrary region by pressing the Ctrl/Command key and while holding it down clicking and dragging with the mouse. This results in opening an Analyzer widget showing the epidemic curves for the selected area. Another very useful feature is the possibility to click on a data series within an Analyzer and drag it to another Analyzer widget, dropping it there making easy to perform an immediate comparison with other ones.

Other minor improvements have been introduced in terms of usability, and in handling the remote simulations.